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Cybersecurity is a critical aspect of every organisation  irrespective of their size and industry. Given the nature of the rapidly growing and evolution of the technological world, cyberattacks are on the rise and cybercrime is now a major crime that governments and organisations are taking very seriously. Additionally, the modernisation of workplaces with new working models like hybrid or fully remote options push organisations to implement robust security measures that help improve productivity, ensure visibility and transparency, and reduce risk. That is why we implement the world-class and military grade Zero Trust framework.

Protect Your Digital Estate

Protecting your digital estate is paramount across your organisation and our cybersecurity services are designed to help you protect your valuable data, information and systems from cyber threats and attacks. There are six major categories of your digital estate that you need to not only accurately understand but also protect, and you can read more about them here. 

These categories combined are your organization’s wheelhouse and at the very core is where your most valuable possession is – data.  To ensure a robust security infrastructure across them a Zero Trust framework of defense must be applied. 













Not Sure If You’re Cyberattack Ready?

Schedule a complimentary security briefing today to review your digital landscape, potential risks and threats, including recommendations on security measures based on Zero Trust principles.

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Security Health Check

Our Security Health Check is an audit that assesses your cybersecurity posture to identify potential vulnerabilities and risks to your IT infrastructure. The process typically involves a complete review of your policies, procedures, and the six major categories of your digital estate. This is followed by recommendations for improvements and a remediation plan to reduce your overall risk.

Identify vulnerabilities

Identify weaknesses in your systems, networks, and applications

Ensure compliance

Ensure that you are complying with these regulations and standards

Protect sensitive data

Identify where your sensitive data is located and ensure that it is properly protected to prevent data breaches

Increase awareness

Raise awareness of cybersecurity risks and threats among your employees, customers, and stakeholders

Improve security posture

Assess your overall security posture and identify areas where you can improve

How it works



Identifying the systems, applications, and data that need to be evaluated for potential security risks



Conducting a comprehensive evaluation of your IT infrastructure



Analysing vulnerabilities and risks, evaluating the effectiveness of your current security measures, and determining the likelihood and potential impact of a security breach



Reporting the findings, including recommendations for improving the organization's cybersecurity posture



Implementing the recommended changes and addressing the vulnerabilities and risks identified during the assessment

Implement Zero Trust as a Service

A Zero Trust strategy is an approach to cybersecurity that assumes that all users, devices, and networks, both inside and outside the organisation, are potential threats until verified and authenticated. Zero Trust focuses on protecting critical assets and data by implementing strong access controls and monitoring user activity across your entire IT architecture. It is the most comprehensive cybersecurity framework that has been effectively deployed for over two decades from the military and governments to large corporations. 


We help you implement a powerful Zero Trust Framework, no matter your organisation’s size using world-class Microsoft solutions that will save you time and money and reduce your risk, swiftly. 

How we secure your architecture

Identity and Access Management

We manage and secure the digital identities and access rights of your employees, customers, partners, and other stakeholders

Intelligent Endpoint Protection

We detect and prevent cyber attacks on your endpoint devices such as laptops, desktops, servers, and mobile devices

Asset Inventory and Vulnerability Management

We identify and manage all hardware and software assets within your network and regularly scanning them for vulnerabilities to proactively mitigate potential security risks

Secure Collaboration

We enable individuals and teams to share information and work together in a secure and controlled manner, while ensuring that sensitive data is protected from unauthorised access or exposure.

Data Governance and Continuity Plan

We establish policies and procedures for managing, protecting, and using your data assets, and too create a plan for ensuring the continuity of critical business operations

Continuous Monitoring and Incident Response

We continuously monitor your systems, networks, and applications to detect potential security threats, and respond to incidents in a timely and effective manner to minimise the impact of a security breach

Awareness, Education and Adoption

We educate and train your employees, customers, and stakeholders about cybersecurity risks and best practices, raising awareness of security threats, and encouraging the adoption of security policies and procedures to help protect against cyber attacks

Why You Must implement Zero Trust today

Speed up modernisation and productivity

Eliminate the need for countless 3rd party security products

Mitigate Risks of data breaches and cyber attacks

Quickly achieve compliance

Simplify your security infrastructure

ZTaaS Packages

Using Microsoft’s advanced security solutions, we offer three comprehensive Zero Trust as a Service packages to suit your unique requirements, to meet you where you are at in your security journey. The best news is, these security packages are completely deployed and managed by us.


Basic Zero Trust implementation including:

  • Web filtering

  • MFA with conditional access

  • Quarterly Policy Updates

and more


Advanced Zero Trust implementation including:

  • Advanced Zero Trust implementation including:

  • All offerings in Silver Package plus

  • FIDO 2 Security Key Solution

  • Microsoft 365 Backup

and more


Comprehensive Zero Trust implementation including:

  • All offerings in Gold Package plus

  • Data encryption 

and more

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