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Legal Operations

Legal operations are a critical part of any modern legal department. Our legal operations services are designed to help you enhance your legal operations by streamlining your legal processes, optimising your resources, and improving your overall efficiency to drive greater business success.

Our approach is data-driven, leveraging technology and analytics to identify areas for improvement and measure the impact of our solutions. We are committed to helping our clients reduce costs, increase efficiency, and improve the overall quality of legal services.

Legal Design and Intelligence

The emerging nature of legal design and the application of data analysis to legal operations is greatly transforming the legal industry. Simplifying traditional legal frameworks through visual and interactive design techniques improve the user experience to make legal information more accessible and understandable. Collecting, analysing and interpreting your legal operational data helps you make informed decisions including resource allocation, pricing and risk management. We help you realise the gaps in your current processes and methods, transforming these to save you time and money so you can become more efficient.

Simplify your contracts and other legal documents by using plain language, visual aids, and other design techniques to make them more accessible to non-lawyers, and improve compliance and reduce disputes

Educate your legal department and resources on how to effectively manage and prioritise legal projects/work and budget

Understand your legal operations by using business intelligence and data analysis to identify patterns, trends and insights to improve your business operations and outcomes

Create precise Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) across a range of metrics designed specifically for your legal department so your business can accurately measure and forecast the success of the legal department using your very own dashboard

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Compliance and Risk Assessment

As a business, you must manage both risk and compliance across all business units to ensure that you are operating within the bounds of the law, minimising your exposure to legal and financial risk, maintaining your reputation and avoiding legal and financial penalties. Taking a proactive approach to risk rather than a reactive approach will set you aside from your competitors and make you more appealing to customers and investors.

We can quickly and effectively help you identify, assess, and manage risks associated with your business operations and ensure they are in compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

Identify and assess potential and current risks based on their likelihood and potential impact and mitigate these risks based on risk rating

Develop policies and procedures, including a code of conduct, that align with industry standards (such as NIST-800 and SOC2) to not only become compliant with laws and regulations but be more attractive to your current and prospective customers

Build a strong vendor/supplier infosecurity and compliance questionnaire aligned with high industry standards (such as NIST-800 and SOC2) to ensure your vendors/suppliers are compliant with regulatory requirements

Create proactive operational strategies and plans to prioritise your business needs and meet regulatory requirements

Educate your internal business units on risk management, anti-bribery/corruption, anti-money laundering and the importance of confidentiality, infosecurity and cybersecurity in the workplace

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