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Legal Services

Our legal services are designed to help companies of all sizes protect their interests and operate with confidence. Taking a proactive approach to legal issues, we listen, identify potential risks and opportunities, and work with you to develop practical, cost-effective solutions that ensure you’re protected.

We cover a range of laws including commercial, technology, data protection, privacy and intellectual property.

Whether you need help with a specific legal matter, ongoing legal support, or whether you need assistance in negotiating your deals, our legal services can provide the guidance and expertise needed to help your business succeed.

Commercial Contracts And Deals

Commercial transactions involve a complex legal framework and without the right contractual  templates, negotiation style, and understanding of the intersection between sales and legal teams it can cost you money and time. We help navigate this process to accelerate your sales cycle, increase revenue and negotiate simple and complex deals.

Negotiate your contracts and quickly overcome legal blockers to reduce the days it takes to sign the contract

Educate internal business units on the operational design and importance of the legal function, through creating streamlined processes, producing playbooks, guidelines and checklists that increase efficiency and business growth

Establish legal non-negotiables for your business that help assert your negotiation position and strategically position these for negotiation tools

Conduct reviews of current Supplier and Client contracts; measuring the overall risk of each to your business and to help you make effective business decisions that ensure you’re not in breach of your obligations

Create and refresh templates that align with your product/service offering without the unnecessary legal jargon

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Technology and Intellectual Property

Remaining innovative and staying ahead of the curve is essential for your business continuity, competitive advantage and expansion. When maintaining and creating products/services for your customers it is important to consider the legal implications and protections necessary whilst not impacting upon the projected roll out of the product/service.


We ensure that your product/services are safeguarded against intellectual property infringement and misappropriation, have the appropriate licence grants/exploitation is laced within contracts, and are data protection/privacy compliant.

Align with your product and engineering teams to maximise the idea creation process and remain competitive/innovative within legal parameters

Develop and execute go-to-market strategies with your sales and marketing team for your product/services that are legally sound

Educate your internal business units on best practices for Open Source Software and third party software compliance, and how to manage, protect and exploit your intellectual property

Update contract templates to highlight your product/service offering, swiftly

Ensure current client contracts and contract templates have the correct licencing model processes

Data Protection and Privacy

Data and information is the ‘new gold’ and can largely determine the success and security of your business. With the establishment of and increasingly growing data protection laws globally, companies must take a proactive approach and ensure compliance.  We can help you implement robust data protection measures, identify and mitigate potential data breaches through understanding your organisational and technical measures, and ensure that your business remains compliant with all relevant privacy laws.

Negotiate your infosecurity and data processing agreements and promptly overcome legal blockers

Conduct a review of your current data protection and privacy practices and processes and assess the risk versus industry standards

Educate all internal business units on the importance of data protection and privacy through creating compliance training modules, playbooks, guidelines and checklists that show how to handle personal data safely and securely

Conduct comprehensive Data Privacy Impact Assessments (DPIAs) to identify potential risks and vulnerabilities in your data processing activities, and provide recommendations for mitigating these risks

Develop and implement a comprehensive data breach and incident response plan that ensures a rapid and effective response in the event of a data breach

Access our Data Protection Officer (DPO) services including to freqently monitor data protection compliance, be the point of contact for data subjects and raise awareness of data protection issues

Create clear and comprehensive data protection and privacy policies/notices that inform your employees and customers about how their personal data is collected, processed, and stored, including producing a Record of Processing Activities (RoPA)

Ensure the proper and safe transfer of data across international borders thorugh conducting thorough Transfer Impact Assessments (TIAs) to measure the risks and benefits of transferring personal data from one entity or country to another, and Intra-Group Transfer Agreements (IGTA) which govern the transfer of personal data between different entities within the same group of companies

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